PWIíS engineering staff has well over 100 years of combined engineering experience. The fields range from RF, digital, and analog test systems to single board microprocessor control systems. We can design from concept or update and/or modernize a customerís current configuration. This includes circuit design, printed circuit layout, and testing. Along with the customers finished design, PWI can supply all documentation necessary to manufacture the product from prototype to turnkey.

Areas of Design Expertise

  • 8 bit embedded microprocessors systems
  • C and assembly language programming
  • Electronic digital and analog control systems and monitoring
  • AC to DC converters
  • DC to AC inverters
  • Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamp power supplies and design
  • Low power transformer design
  • High voltage transformer design
  • Automated electronic test systems
  • Production Engineering / Testing
  • PLC interface systems
  • Magnetometer coil design and circuits
  • Hydraulic valve control systems
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Mechanical design and drafting using PRO Engineering Wildfire
  • All file formats including Gerber formats